Our Expertise

Ensuring the highest quality is a given for us

Ensuring the highest quality is a given for us

Every year, we conduct numerous tests to ensure that the quality of our products aligns with our nutritional principles.

At Lima, we refuse to compromise on quality; in fact, we exceed the standards required by law. And speaking of standards: were you aware that the specifications set by Lima served as a benchmark for the first organic standards in Europe?

What checks does the Lima Expert laboratory carry out?

The laboratory follows the following ISO 22000-certified procedures to monitor the quality of Lima food products:

Inspection of suppliers’ processes and ingredients includes:
  • Organic certification
  • Selection of ingredients, including verification of origin and certification
  • Evaluation of production processes
  • Assessment of end product quality
  • Traceability of ingredients and packaging materials
  • Prohibition of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Clearly defined agreements with and inspections of our suppliers ensure consistent quality. Lima is dedicated to cultivating relationships with suppliers based on honesty and open cooperation. In addition to inspections at the Lima Expert laboratory, we regularly visit the production areas of our suppliers to assess their processes and ingredients.

We ensure residue-free products by:
  • Reviewing the results of ingredient analyses
  • Assisting suppliers in evaluating or conducting their analyses
  • Inspecting end products
Product quality is guaranteed through checks of Lima’s foodstuffs upon entry, including:
  • Product contents
  • Aroma, colour, and flavour
  • Physical properties such as pH, Brix, density, dry matter, etc.
  • Product purity